I Haven't Given Up on Bugingo - Teddy Bugingo

Posted: 2021-04-10T05:24:09Z
I Haven't Given Up on Bugingo - Teddy Bugingo

Pastor Aloysius Bugingo bitterly split with his wife, Teddy Bugingo in 2019. He found a new love in her former employee, Susan Mukula and since then, they have been happy.

Teddy Bugingo, however, believes she hasn't lost it all. She said there are still chances that they will be back together as lovers because their marriage was blessed by God.

"I believe in God who blessed our marriage through Jesus and with his power, nothing will ever stop me from loving my husband. I haven't given up on him and one day we might be back together," she said in an interview.

Teddy continues to accuse the preacher of neglecting their children.