Mariachi Blames Father’s Death On Government  

Posted: 2021-04-06T20:01:41Z
Mariachi Blames Father’s Death On Government  

Comedian Mariachi might never forgive President Museveni’s government. 

The comedian who recently lost his father has partly blamed the government for continued restrictions on public gatherings.  Comedians and many in the arts industry are still unable to resume performing due to regulations prohibiting concerts and shows, especially night events.  

According to Mariachi, his father would have perhaps not died if he was working. He would have been able to take him to the best hospitals.

 “When he was sick, I was unable to meet his hospital bills or take him to better facilities. I am broke. We have not worked in a long time as you know. The government should allow us to work,” Mariachi told mourners at the father’s burial at the weekend.

Mariachi's dad had been battling diabetes and high blood pressure.