Geosteady ditches  Kluger for a Harrier Car

Posted: 2020-12-29T20:27:39Z
Geosteady ditches  Kluger for a Harrier Car

This year 2020, musician Geosteady has not had it smooth probably as he had anticipated. 

The singer broke up with baby maama after a bitter fight and numerous accusations of infidelity. 

His former bonkmate moved on and is currently dating Galaxy FM’s, Mr. Henrie. And it looks like Geosteady has done the same with his old car. The singer is now driving a brand new ride, a Toyota Harrier after selling his Kluger. 

Geosteady is yet to start cruising around because its license registration is pending but close friends say he is too excited to have a brand new car after a  stressful year.

The car is valued at Shs 45 million.