Gravity Omutujju is a traitor -  Chameleone

Posted: 2020-11-01T19:05:22Z Read: 2,132 times
Gravity Omutujju is a traitor -  Chameleone

Musician Jose Chameleone is currently on the campaign trail canvassing for votes with the hope winning as the  Lord Mayor come 2021.

Fellow singer Gravity Omutujju however decided to support Chameleone’s opponent, Erias Lukwago, in a move that was unexpected.

While addressing his supporters on Thursday, Jose Chameleone branded Gravity Omutujju as a traitor for running after money instead of supporting fellow musician who has the potential to fight for the music industry once he wins.

Gravity Omutujju and  Chameleone have never been friends but they are not foes.