No, Money Has Never Been A Motivating Factor - Irene Ntale.

Posted: 2014-10-12T01:41:28Z

Irene Ntale is well known for her Gyobela jam and many more hits (all her hits are available on howwe) has recently said that, she don’t got money on her mind, but she does what she does for the love of music, that money has never been her drive???? – she must be joking

“No, money has never been a motivating factor for me. I used to do acoustic soul music; I used to sing deep emotional stuff and I realized people don’t want to be sad, you know I used to sing about stuff that happened to me. I also wanted to increase my fan base –and I did, thank God – so, when I joined Swangz Avenue, I went commercial. I now feed both fan bases – Irene Ntale

Did she just say “ I went commercial” the term has, time and time again used in business matters, –  the term literally means money, come on Ntale, I don’t see you do any charity shows. But its okay we still love your music.

The singer will soon be holding an intimate concert, the sort enjoyed by people who love her soul music.

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