Spice Diana Considers Marriage with Manager Roger

Posted: 2020-06-14T20:56:07Z Read: 2,566 times
Spice Diana Considers Marriage with Manager Roger

Musician Spice Diana has always had a weak spot for her manager Roger Lubega. The two are often linked romantically, however, both of them deny the allegations. 

During the Zzina awards ceremony on Friday, Spice Diana hinted that  she may consider marrying her manager although they are currently business partners.

"Roger is my manager right now but you never know in the future, we may end up as marriage partners," she told Zzina Awards host Prim Asiimwe when she was asked on the nature of her relationship with Roger.

A months ago, Spice Diana revealed that her manager was married to a beautiful woman although her identify is still a mystery.
Spice Diana was crowned the artiste of the year 2019 by the Zzinna awards.