NBS TV’s Sheilah Saltofte cheats death after robbers attack her home

Posted: 2020-05-26T07:40:21Z Read: 1,288 times
NBS TV’s Sheilah Saltofte cheats death after robbers attack her home

While most TV personalities are used to being attacked by fans verbally or online, some have actually been attacked in the comfort of their homes.

NBS Sheilah Saltfote is still shaken after robbers attacked her home on Sunday morning at around 4am as she chilled with family and her tight friend Anita.  

Before they went to sleep, she double checked the locks on doors, windows and everything was in place.  When she reached her bedroom, two men wearing masks were standing in front of her window with pangas and sticks in their hands.

Sheilah then sought refugee in her bathroom together with  her 7 year old son Liam and her friend. They made numerous phone calls to police and friends who came to their rescue.

At the time of the attack, her boyfriend Maxim GK Steurbaut was not in the house.

 “It is the strongest door in our house. Max and I agreed that if we ever get  attacked again, that would be our safe room. Nobody can get inside! My son was confused and scared. It took ten minutes for help to arrive. I just tried to keep everybody calm as we hoped for the best,” she narrated during a phone call interview.

In 2018,  she was attacked together with her lover Maxim at her home in Muyenga by four masked men who robbed several property. Maxim was hit severely on the head leaving him with serious injuries and was rushed to IHK hospital for immediate treatment.