Chozen Blood’s Cougar brands Winnie Nwagi evil 

Posted: 2020-05-15T06:51:30Z Read: 2,230 times
Chozen Blood’s Cougar brands Winnie Nwagi evil 

For a long time, rumours have been swirling around town that Winnie Nwagi and Chozen Blood  bonk tubeless but she often denies the allegations. She claims they are just friends.

A lady who claims to be Chozen Blood’s bonkmate recently released voice notes on WhatsApp confirming that she has been  sponsoring his music career in exchange for love. She accuses him of betraying her with Winnie Nwagi.

She brands Winnie Nwagi as evil and a witch.

 “Why is he after Winnie Nwagi, did she bewitch him? But I' m frank, Chozen Blood won't get a caring and loving fiancee like me. I've done everything for Chozen. Everything he wanted and our relationship was well until that woman(Winnie Nwagi) came into our life,” the cougar explains in the voice note.

Chozen Blood insists he just had a business relationship with the mystery lady. And Winnie Nwagi is yet to respond.