NTV's Crysto Panda Ready to Battle Mc Kats

Posted: 2020-05-14T07:40:56Z Read: 2,179 times
NTV's Crysto Panda Ready to Battle Mc Kats

NBS presenter Mc Kats is considered as the King of the microphone in Uganda.

But even Kings are often challenged by their subjects and other members of the royal family .

NTV's Crysto Panda wants to dethrone Mc Kats from his comfortable seat.

He feels he is ready to battle Mc Kats who has been emceeing for more 17 years.

The NTV dance party and T. Nation host said he doesn't fear Mc Kats but he only respects him.

He vowed to teach Mc Kats a lesson and become the next King of the Mic.

"I am the next King of the Mic in this industry and I am very ready to battle it out with Mc Kats. I respect him but it's my time to shine," Crysto Panda said.

Crysto Panda is one of the fastest growing and promising talent in Ugandan entertainment industry. He is popular  among many High school students for his Saturday show at NTV dubbed T. Nation.

He makes tours to different schools across the country and this has helped him to build a sizeable fan base. 

On top of that, he has already set his feet in the music industry. He has three to four songs already under his belt.