Bajjo Demands 50M from Full Figure over Defamation

Posted: 2020-04-06T06:18:48Z Read: 1,607 times
Bajjo Demands 50M from Full Figure over Defamation

Events organiser and promoter Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo served Full Figure with a letter of intention to sue over defamation.

Full Figure claimed on a local television station that she had a child with Bajjo. She went on say that he had abandoned their child.

Bajjo denied ever sharing a bed with her.

Through Balikudembe and Co. Advocates, Bajjo has asked Full Figure for Shs 50M for compensation and 2M as legal charges.

"That we now have firm instructions to demand your immediate restraint from making any further defamatory statements about our client. Immediate payment of Ugs. 50,000,000Million being general damages for the harm you occasioned upon our client and a sum of 2Million Ugshs as our Legal fees with in Seven days.

Take further notes that should you fail to comply with our Demands here in, we have further instructions to institute both Criminal and Civil action against you and your peril, detriment and embarrassment, " the letter read.

Bajjo further added that he wants to teach Full Figure a lesson she will never forget.