Irene Ntale Is Distressed Over Quarantine

Posted: 2020-04-01T07:16:01Z
Irene Ntale Is Distressed Over Quarantine

Singer Irene Ntale revealed that her mental health is being affected due to Corona virus. She feels restless every single day.

“To be honest, my spirit has been feeling very low. Been feeling sad the past few days. I was just unable to sing or create anything,” she wrote on her Instagram.

Ntale is one of the most known song birds in Uganda. Last year, she got signed to Universal Music Group, Africa.

She spends most of her time in Nigerian and Uganda, but with new restrictions, the singer can no longer move from one place to another which could have contributed to her distress. 

Just few days ago, she said quarantine wasn’t treating her well as a single woman. The singer has been unable to find love despite her cries.