Government Should Adopt 6 Months Lockdown - Bebe Cool 

Posted: 2020-03-30T08:24:05Z Read: 5,729 times
Government Should Adopt 6 Months Lockdown - Bebe Cool 

Musician Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has been vocal in sensitizing the public about  the spread of COVID-19.

He recorded a song with other artistes encouraging the masses to maintain social distance and adhere to guidelines from the Ministry of Health.

Bebe Cool also begged  the government to adopt six months lockdown in bid to stop the spread of Coronavirus.

He said the disease took China over 4 months to control yet it's a first world country so Uganda being a third world country, we need tight measures to deal with it.

"China is a first world country but it took it three months to slow down the spread of this disease. I am appealing to the government that it should adopt six months lockdown. However it should be done in phases just like the President did it at first. Most Ugandans get a meal after working, so if you announce the six months lockdown they will all be shocked and we shall lose some of them. So it should  be done in phases," Bebe Cool said this during a local television interview.