Musicians Should Learn To Save - Sophie Gombya

Posted: 2020-03-24T06:29:58Z Read: 1,905 times
Musicians Should Learn To Save - Sophie Gombya

The president of Uganda musicians association, Sophie Gombya has asked fellow musicians to cope up with the situation going on in the country.

She advised musicians to learn to save as they prepare for the worst times.

In a statement issued by the Uganda Musicians association, the association is concerned with blockage of performances of musicians across the country but they they are aware it's for the good of Ugandans.

She said it is a forced leave for them but they should use it as an opportunity to venture into other businesses which will bring food on table.

"Ugandans! Also we as Musicians, also forced into  leave, have a major challenge regarding how we shall survive this period of lockdown. We need to use this as a lesson to learn to have a saving culture. To be prepared for any eventualities, to always have a plan B," part of the statement read.

The events and concerts were put on a lockdown for 32 days as a measure  to minimise the spread of Corona virus.