New After News: Recap Of MC Kats' Drama In 2019

Posted: 2019-12-22T03:47:50Z Read: 10,738 times
New After News: Recap Of MC Kats' Drama In 2019

MC Kats loves attention. And if it was food, he would be bigger in size. He will stop at nothing to get his name in the gossip column. Here is a recap of his year 2019;

1. Stalking Fille

Mc Kats and Fille pulled the plug on their relationship in 2018 as it was ending. MC Kats did not start this year on the right foot. He wanted to get Fille back. His life was incomplete without her.  He stalked her to many places she was invited to perform. During those shows, MC Kats often grabbed the microphone to remind Fille how they had hustled together and the role he played.

All this was in effort to get her back, but his efforts were in vain. Mc Kats reached a point of suicide only to be talked out of it by friends.

2. Starting a Label

After going through breakup trauma, MC Kats decided to throw his energy into music management. He signed two artistes; Shammy K and Heyz UG whom he hoped would fill the void Fille had created. He talked about them endlessly and went everywhere with them like they were his pets.

A turnaround however happened with Mc Kats, rekindling his work relationship with Fille and as a result dropping Shammy K. It is not known whether he still has Heyz under his wing.

3.  Fired From Fame Lounge

He is a bar marketeer and in September this year, he fell out with his bosses at Fame Lounge. The management at the Kololo based bar accused him of drinking booze on credit and asking for a lot more than he was raking in for the bar. When he was fired, he run in circles shouting at the top of his voice telling whoever cared to listen that he is a big deal. How he wasn’t fired, and so on. He exchanged words with the owners of the bar.

He quickly got a chance to work with Pearl of Africa Hotel where he hosted the Meet Celebrity Wednesdays which were previously at Fame. He didn’t last at Pearl. The night is currently hosted at Fame Lounge after a reconciliation.

The thing about Mc Kats, he doesn’t have permanent enemies.

4. Choking on Sheilah Gashumba’s Alcohol Loans

Around April, Sheilah Gashumba clashed with Mc Kats after the latter sided with some of Sheilah’s foes during the La Paroni scuffle. Sheilah was angered that MC Kats was not on her side yet she had bought  free for MC Kats booze worth 200k that same night.


Upon being exposed for begging, MC Kats said he was ready to refund the money. He claimed he was richer than Sheilah. He paraded land titles to prove his point.

5. MC Kats Beefs Fresh Daddy

When Fresh Daddy decided to ride on his son's shine, MC Kats was not impressed. When the old man was premiering his song, Mazike, MC Kats chased him off the stage. Many criticized Mv Kats for his act.

6. More Fights, then hitting rock bottom

MC Kats has fought everyone this year. From strangers to his close friends. Not long ago, he was embroiled in a bitter exchange with his friend Producer Side Soft whom he accused of fleecing his money.

MC Kats alleged that Side Soft had been taking money from him under the pretext that he was paying for Fille’s rehab bills.

The fight between Side Soft and Kats led the latter to post all his possessions on social media to prove a point to everyone that he is rich.

Plots of land, unfinished houses, cars, and so much more found its way online.

7.  Admitted to  hospital

He is currently fighting for his life. He was admitted after suffering mental disorder. He was reportedly saved by paramedics after he tried to hurt himself.

He also declared himself as an HIV/AIDS patient after giving his life to Jesus Christ, last week

We wish him a quick recovery.