What We Remember About Winnie Nwagi In 2019

Posted: 2019-12-16T07:00:14Z Read: 3,600 times
What We Remember About Winnie Nwagi In 2019

Musician Winnie Nwagi is one of the biggest news headliners this year. Often times, she graced pages for all the wrong  reasons. It was reported that Swangz Avenue was almost firing her for being out of control. We look at what happened in her life this year. Read on;

Insulting a Journalist

Her relationship with  media has been rocky since 2018 when she thumped a journalist for filming her private parts. This year, she insulted a journalist who slid in her inbox to request for an interview. The journalist was polite but Nwagi treated her like trash.  The conversation between the two was posted on social media and she was attacked for being unprofessional.

Erotic Dance With SMACK students

She has a big behind, and she knows how to wiggle her waist.

When she was invited to perform at SMACK (St Mary’s College Kisubi), she pulled erotic dance moves, twerking and inviting young students to join her on stage and get a feel. She danced like she was in a 'kimasulo' show. When a video landed online, she was criticized widely, forcing her to apologize.

Beating Her Maid

She had been known to be violent and short tempered but we thought she would behave differently with people in her house. No. In August this year, it surfaced that Nwagi had beaten her maid terribly for using her water bottle without seeking permission.

The maid was admitted after the incident.

 Skipping Shows

She often arrived late for shows and sometimes, she missed them without an apology. This got her bad publicity. In September,  her management was forced to refund money to a promoter who had hired her to perform at a show but she failed to turn up.