SK Mbuga Ventures Into TV Biz 

Posted: 2019-11-06T07:00:53Z
SK Mbuga Ventures Into TV Biz 

His projects in Uganda were put on halt after he was arrested and prisoned for two years.

When he was released, socialite Suleiman Mbuga commonly known as SK Mbuga vowed to start from where he stopped. As talk now, the construction works at his Nushiffa hospital have already resumed and moving at a very high speed.

SK Mbuga is also venturing into the TV business.

He is set to launch a start of TV station known as Select for Fun. It  will be run by wife Vivian Mbuga.

Mbuga recently posted on his Facebook page a television logo and captioned it, "It's a whole T.V Setting, all your Entertainment desires."
Insiders say Vivian Mbuga has always pressurized SK Mbuga to start a television.

"Vivian has always wanted to work on television, but now this is her time. She will be the manager of Select 4 Fun," an insiders claimed.