Minister Nakiwala summons Pastor Bujingo Over Child Neglect

Posted: 2019-09-13T07:31:16Z Read: 2,003 times
Minister Nakiwala summons Pastor Bujingo Over Child Neglect

For the bigger part of last week,  pastor Bujingo dominated news over cases related to child neglect.

Latest info is that the  minister of State for Youth and Children affairs, Nakiwala Kiyingi has summoned the pastor to her office to explain himself.

 This was shortly after the Salt Media boss held a press conference denying the accusations. “I have summoned Pastor Bujingo and he will be here on Tuesday to answer questions about child neglect,” Nakiwala said.

However according to Pastor Bujingo, his wife is behind all the drama.

 "You just want to keep in the news. How do you cry in front of a storied house with 2 cars parked in the garage? You have expensive makeup, hair style and you say you are suffering, stop forging tears. I'm tired of your fake drama,"Pastor Bujingo said before revealing that he offers his ex wife Shs 400,000  each week to look after his family.

We shall keep you posted