Musician Renah Nalumansi Ballooned

Posted: 2019-08-08T12:16:03Z
Musician Renah Nalumansi Ballooned

Musician Renah Nalumansi has been struggling in the music industry for over 10 years.

However, the former member of  Obsessions girls’ group is doing well in the bedroom matters.

According to reliable sources, Renah Nalumansi is pregnant. The man responsible for her constant cravings is NBS TV’s Justine Bass, who happens to be her music manager.

Justine Bass and Renah have been dating  on and off for over 7 years.

Around 2017, she had dumped Justine Bass for forever upcoming singer, Hanson Baliruno.

Hanson Baliruno was often seen trying to be a good father figure in her daughter’s life.