I Only Swallow 6 Inch Whoppers - Judith Heard

Posted: 2019-05-17T07:36:35Z Read: 3,554 times
I Only Swallow 6 Inch Whoppers - Judith Heard

Socialite Judith Heard  has been on Uganda's social scene for many years. She lived a luxurious lifestyle and drove expensive cars with personalized number plates.

And she has had a controversial sex life over the years. It is known in showbiz corridors that enjoys young energetic boys.

She is also known to have the biggest bean in Uganda.

While appearing on an interview with Galaxy FM’s Dj Nimrod, Judith Heard confirmed that she only feels comfortable dating a man with a 6  inch whopper.

"A man with a small pin can't charge me. A well endowed manhood turns on my world," Judith Heard said.