I Was Sexually Assaulted By My Boss Years Ago - Sheebah Karungi

Posted: 2019-03-08T06:49:32Z
I Was Sexually Assaulted By My Boss Years Ago - Sheebah Karungi

Sheebah Karungi is currently one of the biggest musicians in Uganda. A number of young girls look up to her for who she has become.

Sheebah has a huge following and many young girls look up to her.

Recently, Sheebah was part of the dance production dubbed ‘I am Female Dance Production,’ a project that was organized by Uganda’s top professional female dance trio RozViccyCathy (RVC) production.

The project aimed at playing a role in highlighting issues and challenges that females are always subjected to in different communities.

 It featured renowned city beauties, Uganda’s finest comedian Ann Kansiime, radio personalities, Ms. Deedan, Malaika Nyanzi together with Diana, Nunu Umuringa Butare, singer Rachel Kay and Flavia Oketcho aka Flirsh.

This dance revolved around five topics; Gender Inequality (inequality in work places), Domestic Violence, access to Girl child education, sexual harassment (mostly in the entertainment industry) and Women emancipation.

And Sheebah was given a chance to address sexual harassment. The ‘nkwatako’ hitmaker was very fast to refer an incident where she was assaulted by her boss.

‘I had so much going on, but this gentleman couldn’t just pay me, he needed me to ‘FLASH’ my boobs for him to pay me, yet I had worked for the money, so that’s sexual harassment," Sheebah remarked.

The Team No Sleep lead singer went ahead to reveal that she has on several occasions, encountered sexual harassments, which come in many different forms.

 ‘I have been in so many compromising situations. You write proposals very decently, moreover you take time, one or even three months preparing them. You go to someone’s office, asking for just only 5 minutes  to represent your proposal, but they always make it difficult. They want you to take their business cards and meet them  later for dinner in hotels, lodge or elsewhere. Sexual harassment is real and it should stop,”  disappointed Sheebah said.

While giving her closing remarks, the songstress called upon fellow females to always speak up when faced with such unhealthy situations fromworkplaces or any other places.

‘If you are exposed to any form of sexual harassment, report it. At work, when your boss demands to have sex with you so as to keep your position, that’s not right, it’s not worth it, you should be respected, talk about it, don’t fear, tell a friend and by so doing, we will be able to stop this vice," she concluded.

Other celebrities that have opened up about sexual harassment include; Judith Heard among others.