Bobi Wine Celebrates Birthday At Chameleone's Bar

Posted: 2019-02-14T07:08:57Z
Bobi Wine Celebrates Birthday At Chameleone's Bar

On Tuesday night, Bobi Wine was suprised by family and friends to a birthday treat at DNA lounge in Kololo.

The self proclaimed gladiator arrived in company of his friends, amidst cheers.

He was welcomed by people in red berets who were later asked to remove them to avoid turning the birthday  bash into a political event.

The party was all fun until some of Bobi Wine's guests starting politicising the event.

This prompted Bobi Wine to request them to remain calm and on course as they  enjoyed his birthday treat.

The management also had to intervene by switching off the microphones inorder to keep it strictly a birthday celebration.

Bobi Wine seemed to have understood the situation and urged his counterparts to enjoy as he marked 37 years.