NBS TV's Annatalia Ozzie Helps 13 Teenage Mothers To Graduate

Posted: 2018-12-11T07:09:57Z Read: 1,812 times
NBS TV's Annatalia Ozzie Helps 13 Teenage Mothers To Graduate

Early Pregnancy is a life -changer for teenage girls who drop out of school .

And NBS TV uncut  presenter Anatalia ozzie has been supporting teenage mothers in  Kitala- Entebbe based rehabilitation school by providing sewing machines, clothes and stationery to study and train so that they can change their future.

Over the weekend, 13 young women graduated with hands on skills in bakery,  tailoring,  hair dressing among other skills .

Speaking to the chairman board of governors, Canon Jonathan Kisawuzi, he informed us that he is so thankful to Annatalia Ozzie for always creating time for   the stigmatized  teens.

 "Wamukisa  youth centre was started to help out teenage mothers,end stigma and provide second chance to the girl child through providing counselling, footing medical care until they give birth and also provides care to the newly born baby for 3 months," said Canon Kisawuzi

Annatalia Ozze, who  recently celebrated her birthday with teenager mothers at Wamukisa youth centre  pledged  to get raw materials for the girls that will help them during their trainings like weaves and tailorings machines.

 "I will share whatever little i have with them, not to show off but because of the love i have for  girl child since girls are the mothers of this nation," said Annatalia.

"Use the skills you have acquired very well because a skill is the biggest tool one can have," the presenter added.

Through her girl project dubbed "Annatalia for her",  it focuses more on girls' health, education and human rights.