Top Five Celebrity Couples Who Are Involved In Public Display Of Affection (PDA)

Posted: 2018-06-18T06:56:26Z
Top Five Celebrity Couples Who Are Involved In Public Display Of Affection (PDA)

Uganda is blessed with several loved-up couples that can't keep their hands off each other. Read on;

Eng Moses Magogo and Della Sally

We have seen their extravagant public displays of love to each other on many occasions.

The Fufa President, Moses Magogo and lover, Della Sally passionately display their love in public.

Magogo often throws lavish birthday parties for his slay partner and accompanies them with vacations in Dubai.

Sheebah Kasaami and Jack Pemba

Socialite Jack Pemba often declares his undying love for his wife, Sheebah Kassami every time they are hanging out. Jack Pemba will not end a speech minus saying sensational love lines to Sheebah. The two have been caught kissing several times on camera.

Dora Mwima and Nader Baker

Former Miss Uganda, Dora Mwima is never shy to show off her love in public. They parade their love occasionally and Dorah is said to have snatched his hot hubby from a close pal Elizabeth Kabahuma aka Beth.

Farouk Ssempala and Underwood

He is famously known for dating socialite Zari Hassan.

He is currently in an official relationship with Ebonies star, Juliet Underwood. These two don’t mind kissing and holding hands in public .

Bebe Cool and Zuena

They have been married for many years, but they don't shy away from talking about their love. Bebe Cool lives and breathes Zuena. He has sang about her, and regardless of the weather, these two can't be stopped from a PDA moment.