Mc Kats Really (Really) Loves Fille ... and Her Music, Writes Apology Letter!

Posted: 2014-08-24T12:45:15Z

Kampala's renown MC 'Mc Kats' today, after missing out on his affianced girlfriend and afro-pop/dancehall singer Fille's Arua show, posted a lovely and awe inspiring message to her and we totally think it's a downright apology.

Fille Mutoni, Sheebah Karungi and Pretty Glo ... girl power, had a show in Arua today but Fille's manager and boyfriend 'MC Kats' did not show up like he always does and this must have vexed her.

But these two are inseparable, face it.

Here is Mc Kats' message to Fille, via his facebook profile account ...

am proud u brout bck love in ur music even when pple thout it was abt money evn wth lies insecurities n betrayal al ova u sung n told e world love still exsists....nt wth u on dis tour where u spread love bt am so very happy ur music heals n mends...

That might seem like a usual post but it's not, Mc Kats if trying to apologize for not being their for his client and lover, but that's OK,the apology is that inspiring and we hope Fille knows how much time it took the poor man to write it because facebook shows it was edited and then reposted.

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