MC Kats and Fille's Relationship On Verge Of Collapse!

Posted: 2018-05-11T06:58:39Z Read: 5,277 times
MC Kats and Fille's Relationship On Verge Of Collapse!

The President of this country should recognize Mc Kats as the man with the strongest heart in Uganda. He has been beaten, cheated on (allegedly), and business deals have often been cancelled, but he still stands strong by Fille's side.

These two act like they don’t even share the same bed while in public. The undesirable incident happened over the weekend at Zzina beach carnival in Entebbe.

The two arrived at the venue in separate cars. It is believed that Mc Kats left Jinja Purple party on Saturday alone and drove straight to Entebbe where he waited for Fille to arrive and thrill Galaxy FM fans.

Before her performance,  Mc Kats tried to take her through the program but she seemed not interested.

She left him hanging and later resorted to using his hangers-on to deliver messages yet they were near each other.

After her performance, she left with a group of girls and Mc Kats was left looking on.

The after5 presenter spent a few minutes around making numerous phone calls but all seemed in vain.

He thereafter left to unknown destination.