Emma Carlos signs Zil Zil

Posted: 2018-03-02T08:41:14Z Read: 3,083 times
Emma Carlos signs Zil Zil

Like they say 'Nafilwa tasuula kumalalo' literally meaning no matter the pain of losing a loved one, you never sleep at the graveyard.

Former Goodlyfe manager, Emma Carlos has already moved on to a new chapter in his life after a verbal exchange with his co-manager Chagga.

According to  Emma Carlos,  he couldn't handle anymore after the death of singer Mowzey Radio. Chagga accused him of obtaining funds from promoters without the management's knowledge.

 He has now signed a dancehall singer, Zil Zil, to his management label, Twinkle promotions.

The singer has already released a song titled "Akwana" and video shootings is up next for next week.

Zil Zil has been around for sometime now. He has songs like " Telela" ,"Sinalya" among many others.