Roden Y And Kalifa Aganaga In Bloody Beef

Posted: 2017-08-22T09:42:23Z
Roden Y And Kalifa Aganaga In Bloody Beef

The latest info indicates that singer Kalifa Aganaga is not Seeing Eye to eye with singer Roden Y after exchanging bitter words at Centenary Park based Laftaz lounge last week on Monday night.

Our sources revealed to us that it all began when DJ Shiru who hosts the weekly Monday night decided to only play songs from Team No sleep (TNS) member without recognizing Kalifa Aganaga who was in the building prompting adrenaline rise.

The ‘Gudi Gude’ singer took on stage and labeled TNS singer an upcoming artiste who doing bubble gum. This was after few minutes Roden Y leaving the stage. When we contacted Rodney for a response, he said that Kalifa is a struggling artiste who wants to be recognized.

"I last saw Kalifa a year ago, I just see his songs but I want him to know that it was a wrong move of dissing me," he said.

Kalifa Aganaga has in the past picked fights with Goodlyfe, Chameleone, Gravity, Bebe Cool, Bafana among many others.