Urban TV Star In Top Secret Civil Wedding

Posted: 2017-04-23T09:00:03Z Read: 3,553 times
Urban TV Star In Top Secret Civil Wedding

TV presenter Emily Mwebaze has been single for all her life. She was linked to city tycoons though she kept on denying all the allegations.

Information coming in indicates that Emily tied the knot in a civil wedding a few days ago.

In a brief interview with Emily, she says they kept their wedding a top secret to avoid intruders and bad-wishers.  “We chose a civil wedding because we didn’t want many people around. We shall hold another big wedding when we are already” she confirmed.

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In the early days of the 2000s, Emily kept men glued to UBC TV to watch the news at 9 pm. The light skinned sexy girl caused whopper tension in the city then. As the years went by, her time on UBC elapsed and she later joined Urban TV. She sometimes reads English news.

A few years ago, she was involved in a whopper war and we asked about it, she said, “I give him the best; if I snatched anyone’s man then I am the best. I have heard those rumours but they won’t move me. I have already introduced him and I am going to be with him for the rest of my life” Emily ranted.

From Howwe.Biz, we say congratulations.