Top Kampala Powerful Women That Have Settled For Side Dish Title

Posted: 2017-03-11T10:28:08Z
Top Kampala Powerful Women That Have Settled For Side Dish Title

Kampala is blessed with a good number of women have are proud to be side dishes.  These women enjoy high-end lifestyle courtesy of their loaded men.  Men show them off like their property, appear with them at different hangouts in the city. Some of them are mothers and they have a hope that one day, they will take over the number one spot in the man’s life. Today, we expose them;

Magogo’s Dorah Delly Sally

She is the official side dish of FUFA president, Moses Magogo. If you have attended some Fufa functions, and you might have spotted on this girl called Dorah. She is confident and outgoing person. She is like Magogo’s handbag.  Way back, the public used to know her as his relative but she came out and assured everyone that she controls Magogo’s, heart. Magogo is a married with three children but never moves with his official wife.

Mariam Ndagire

She is a proud mother of John Segewa’s child. She was involved in a bitter fight with Ruth Wanyana, another woman in Segawa’s life. But as years went by, the two ladies settled their differences and decided to share the man. Segewa, proudly confessed that the two women are his and they know it. Despite seeing other girls, he has maintained Mariam Ndagire as his side dish.

Ruth Wanyana

She was determined to fight Mariam Ndagire over John Segewa. She composed dissing songs for Ndagire. Death threats were the order of the day. John Segewa had to step up and cool them down. She assured the two women that he loves them and can get time for them any time of the day. Mariam Ndagire up to now maintains Ruth is just a side dish

Ritah Love Kaggwa ( online blogger)

She is an online blogger based in Diaspora. She runs a Facebook page that connects lonely people and offers senga lessons. She dated Radio personality, Joel Isabirye for some time. Their relationship didn’t last and Ritah flew out of the country. Sources say, she has never forgotten the father of his child. Even when Joel moved on and got married to Rebecca Jjingo, she couldn’t let him be. More insiders say, whenever Joel travels to the UK, Ritah keeps throwing self to him. She is a proud secret side dish.

Aidah Nantaba

Aidah Nantaba has two children with a Mukono-based businessman. Last year, when media tasked the minister to talk about her marriage, she was furious but said she is a mother of two. Insiders say Nantaba’s man married another woman after he left her but she uses her influence and money to always see him behind the wife’s back.