Desire Luzinda Celebrates Birthday, Real Age Revealed!

Posted: 2016-08-15T13:59:08Z
Desire Luzinda Celebrates Birthday, Real Age Revealed!

The Queen of Ekitone, Afro beat Singer Desire Luzinda celebrates birthday

Desire in a recent interview divulged that she will never reveal her real age due to the negativity that surrounds the matter.

“Hiding my age was never part of me, I always told my true age from day one, but I realized people are more interested in the negative things about me, so I chose to give them what they wanted to hear.

The ‘Anything for You’ singer also added that she is 25 years old forever.

I never started the rumor of ‘forever 25’, but I chose to play along with it, because people seemed to like it. I will never tell my true age again. I know I am growing by the year, but I am forever 25.”

We have reliably been told that the singer was born on 15th August 1984, consequently making her a 32 year old.

Happy Birthday