Singer Rema Namakula Shines At The Afrigo Band Night

Posted: 2016-08-03T16:50:23Z
Singer Rema Namakula Shines At The Afrigo Band Night

Singer Rema Namakula left all revelers on their feet after she put up a very energetic performance last Friday when she performed as the guest artiste at Afrigo band’s Friday Night Live night at Guvnor.

Dressed in a black striped fitting dress velvet dress, the Kukaliba singer stepped on stage with a large applause from fans and immediately connected with the band with her amazing strong vocals.

She later posted a thank you message on social media to her fans and the legendary Afrigo band for making her night a memorable one. “I want to thank my fans for loving me and Afrigo band for giving me this opportunity. Although I usually don’t go to club, I am happy to be here and perform with the amazing Afrigo band” She said to her fans. She performed all her popular songs from Mchuzi, ‘Oli wange’, Kaliba, Ndowooza Kunze to Lean on me, and her newest kirungi.

Rema also performed Afrigo’s popular song ‘Jim’ with the original singer Joanita Kawalya sharing one microphone.