Singer Anita Da Diva Back At Loggerheads With Byaxy

Posted: 2016-07-14T08:33:32Z Read: 4,521 times
Singer Anita Da Diva Back At Loggerheads With Byaxy

Following the allegations that have been circulating in media that afro beat artiste Byax was secretly moving out with the former Blue three members Cindy, a no nonsense Diva in Anitah Da Diva has come out once again to wage a war against her ex Byax.


It’s rumored that Byax and Nash Wander were responsible for Anita’s pregnancy that got her in a quadrangle as the singer couldn’t substantially identify right man responsible for her pregnancy since she was at the time seemingly playing 2 men at ago that got her behind the curtains for a while during the labor recess.


However the news that the gankima hit maker is allegedly eying Cindy is a point that could eventually open our eyes to know the source code of the previous raucous she was in. It’s said that Anitah is back at loggerheads with Byax accusing him of dumping her for other women in town including Cindy.


The war waged against Byax is expected at one point to escalate and engulf Cindy as well as the Diva is known for being a diva that never gives up until her ego is nursed and therefore all parties involved are likely to serve a similar sentence like Byax is up against.