Leila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma Swap Saliva.

Posted: 2016-05-09T08:57:05Z Read: 9,455 times
Leila Kayondo and Hellen Lukoma Swap Saliva.

Let’s all pray SK Mbuga comes back into Leila Kayondos' life, if not she will end up chewing actor, fashion designer and  fading songstress Hellen Lukoma.  


These two great friends can easily be mistaken for a cake and soda on every social event in Kampala, while at silent disco event organized by the McKenzie on Saturday night at Gatto Matto the two could not stride away from each other.


According to revelers, Leila and Lukoma kept acting like rabbits on heat as they lustfully caressed each other like it’s the end of days.


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