Bebe Cool Vows To Support Musicians Joining Polictics

Posted: 2015-10-03T09:51:06Z

Bebe cool is a musician you'll find everywhere, when he is not on CNN priding about his musical achievements and beautiful wife, he is somewhere rallying support for politicians or in night clubs fighting with fans who don't feel him.

Despite his busy schedule, Bebe cool finds time to write his thoughts and updates on his social media.

In a recent thread on his instagram, the Love you everyday singer pledged to support artistes who have or are joining politics ahead of the 2016 vote.

"I will support any musician joining politics in East Africa coz we have ground experience, one on one with our communities and we have the people's trust"

A number of musicians like Ragga Dee, Judith Babirye, Rachel Magoola have expressed interest to participate in active politics ahead of the 2016 Vote.