Weasel Accused Of Child Neglect And Reckless Bonking

Posted: 2015-09-24T07:02:23Z

Gudlife Singer Douglas Mayanja popularly known by the stage name Weasel has been accused by a mysterious lady, of neglecting his child. An insider tells howwe that the lady whose names we were not told, stormed Weasel's house last on Monday 21st demanding to have her child be recognized by the Mayanja family.

Sources further say that the lady was allegedly thrown out of the Neverland residence since Weasel couldn't stand to the confrontation in the presence of his known baby mama Samira.

We are being told that the lady together with her relatives are moving to take matters to court because it appears to them that Weasel is not the type to handle diplomatically. She has for long been pleading for help from the Mayanja family though no one cares to listen, says a close pal.

"Weasel doesn't even answer my calls or messages, I have been trying to reach him privately but he ignored me -otherwise i would not be here at his home" the lady was heard telling people at a scene in Makindye.

The romance which started way back before Weasel officially settled with Samira resulted into a baby boy.

When contacted, a Goodlyf representative however denied the accusations putting it that the whole story is false "We know all weasel's children and they are getting the care they deserve, I haven't seen any woman coming up lately".

Weasel is said to have over 20 kids including Samira's little one.