Gravity Omutujju explains Why He Has No Manager

Posted: 2020-06-05T07:47:45Z
Gravity Omutujju explains Why He Has No Manager

Back in the day, getting signed to a major label meant you made it. But these days, you can be successful without the help of a music label or talent manager if you discover the winning formula for your craft.

Rapper Gravity Omutujju has not been under contract with any label for a long time and he seems fine. 

It is often reported that music labels extort, shelve artistes and limit their creativity.  

The singer says he has not been able to find someone he connects with.

“I want a manager who is very close to me as a friend. Someone who cares genuinely about my business as an artiste,” he says.

The rapper says he is on the look out for a manager and hopefully,  he will find a right one for his brand.