Bebe Cool starts 14months TB awareness drive 

Posted: 2019-12-06T07:54:58Z
Bebe Cool starts 14months TB awareness drive 

Ever since he began his music journey in late 1990’s, Gagamel singer Moses Ssali aka Bebe Cool has always been a champion of charitable activities in Uganda.

From spearheading drivers to fundraise money for the needy to staging concerts as a way of collecting money for purposes of helping the needy to pay hospital bills, Bebe Cool is no stranger to charity.

Late last year, Bebe Cool decided to fully register his non-profit organisation; Amber Heart Foundation and  by 

the close of 2018, Bebe Cool staged his annual music concert whose theme was aimed to collecting money to fund young children who had heart related diseases.

Bebe Cool donated UGX. 60,000,000 (Sixty Million Shillings Only) towards that cause and the children were successfully operated in India and are back to Uganda in good health.

It’s in 2018 that he was appointed Global and Uganda Tuberculosis Ambassador because of his efforts to improve the lives of those who are needy in our communities through Amber Heart Foundation.

Amber Heart Foundation successfully applied for US$ 400,000 TB Reach Wave 7 Grant in April 2019 from Stop TB Partnership – TB Reach Initiative.

The TB Reach Wave 7 Grant is funded by the Government of Canada and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

The Grant will see Amber Heart Foundation carry out a number of activities aimed at finding missing Tuberculosis Patients within the districts of Kampala, Jinja and Mbarara.

The activities shall kick off in December this year and shall run for 14 months.

The grant was a result of a vigorous application exercise that saw Amber Heart Foundation triumph over 600 applications that had be chosen from all over the world.

“In Uganda, over 80,000 people die of Tuberculosis annually yet this disease is treatable and medication is free in all government health facilities. The challenge we have as a country is that majority don’t know symptoms of Tuberculosis and the dangers of the disease if not treated early enough. Through Amber Heart Foundation, I will be using this grant to sensitize fellow Ugandans about the dangers of Tuberculosis, it’s symptoms, testing and medication required,”  Bebe Cool explains.

Amber Heart Foundation in paternership with the Government of Uganda, Stop TB Partnership in Geneva –Switzerland, Ministry of Health, National Tuberculosis and Leprosy Divison, Stop TB Uganda, Media, Artists, informal sector, corporate sector and many other stakeholders are trying  to ensure that Tuberculosis is wiped out from communities.