Coco Finger Goes TZ, Lands Fresh Manager

Posted: 2016-01-06T10:34:55Z Read: 3,486 times
Coco Finger Goes TZ, Lands Fresh Manager

Latest info. Coming in indicates that Moses Okori alias Coco Finger has surely signed a new manager.

After the bitter split with Emma Carlos his former manager, he’s now said to have signed a Tanzanian promoter famously known as Mike Aliwa.

According to a source, the ‘Zigidi’ dancehall star was fed up of his part time manager Henry Kasozi since he used to ‘much’ prefer his kyekyo gig in Netherlands giving thus little time to his music management.

Our BEES  also tell us that the singer with his newfangled manager were spotted together at Spennah beach a few days ago having a furtive business talk.  

We will keep you updated