Shock as Kabafunzaki threatens to withdraw ambulances & Mabugo if he loses

Posted: 2021-01-12T13:36:25Z Read: 1,105 times
Shock as Kabafunzaki threatens to withdraw ambulances & Mabugo if he loses

Voters in Rukiga County are in shock after a Parliamentary candidate and former Labor, Employment and Industrial Relations State Minister Herbert Kabafunzaki threatened to withdraw his ambulances and stop giving condolence money to families if he loses in the Thursday election.

The candidate is also incumbent Rukiga County Member of Parliament.

He bought two ambulance registration numbers UBA466A and UAU 677X in 2017 and 2020 respectively. The MP also contributes Shillings 30,000 as condolence fees for every person that dies in the county.   

However while campaigning in Kamwezi sub-county on Monday, Kabafunzaki shocked voters when he revealed that he no longer has mercy to people who don’t support him. The MP had earlier made similar threats in Rwamucucu sub-county a fortnight ago.

Kabafunzaki threatened to only help residents who support him politically because he has gained nothing in helping everybody. 

The legislator says even if he meets any person involved in an accident, he will mind his business because the people of Rukiga have not realized how helpful he has been.

Kabafunzaki described as fools those who criticized him for declining to handover the card of the ambulance registration number UAU 677X to Rukiga district local government.

This left many voters confused with some saying that while the ambulances are helpful, it should not be the only basis for him to compel them to vote for him. People reportedly changed their views on Kabafunzanki, the moment he was implicated in a corruption scandal.