20 homesteads, gardens destroyed by landsides in Bududa over the weekend

Posted: 2020-09-14T07:52:22Z Read: 521 times
20 homesteads, gardens destroyed by landsides in Bududa over the weekend

At least 20 homesteads in Bududa district have been destroyed by Landslides which also washed away crop gardens over the weekend. 
The landslides, which occurred on Saturday afternoon were caused by the heavy rainfall that has hit the district for more than a week.     
The most affected areas are; Biwawa and Nashanane villages in Busiriwa sub-county, Bududa district.   
Nashanane village LCI Chairperson John Mwaule who was also affected says that the landslides destroyed all his gardens of coffee and other crops. 
Mwaule blames government for leaving families in high risk areas and resettling people who were in better places.      
The LCII Chairperson of Burafura parish, Anthony Lukoye says the landslides also blocked river Manafwa, whose levels have continued to rise alarming residents who live along the river banks.     
Wilson Watira the Bududa district Chairman noted that they have filed complaints to the Office of the Prime Minister about the slow pace of the resettlement program, but they are yet to get any response. However, he asked residents in the two villages to vacate to safer places.  
Last week, at least two people were killed in the landslides following the heavy rains that have hit the region. The region experiences heavy downpours every year during the same time. 
For the last 4 year or so, government has been resettling residents into safer places, while some remain adamant and claim they cannot lose their land.