Uganda to remain on lockdown for 21 more days

Posted: 2020-04-14T12:38:42Z
Uganda to remain on lockdown for 21 more days

Ugandans shall remain home for the next 21 one days following a decision communicated by the head of state this afternoon.

According to President Yoweri Museveni, Public and private transportation shall remain suspended and companies will not open for work.

Markets shall remain as has been in the last 15 or so days and so shall salons, electronics and fashion shops among others.

The country is also set to maintain the 7pm to 6:30am curfew for 21 days.

The measures which have been in place for more than 15 days now, are meant to stop the spread of CoronaVirus that has seen 54 people test positive for the disease in the last one month. 

Mr. Museveni further announced that the focus will now be shifter to the groups that remained working since the lockdown started. And these are Cargo Truck crews, Cargo plane crews, health workers, and UN staff who were allowed to transit in and out of the country. These will be tested for the disease. 
Authorities are also to continue tracking down the 18000 people who flew into the country between 7th and 22nd March as well as those they may have come into contact with. 

Upon announcement of the lockdown extension many Ugandans cried foul indicating that they may not have enough food supplies to tka them through the next 21 days. Government recently distributed posho, beans, salt and powdered milk to some people they termed as "vulnerable poor". But after announcing the extra three weeks, nearly half the population in Uganda will need food relief