Go Down Low

Song Lyrics


Pallaso, Sheebah Team No Sleep X2

(Chorus X2)

Go down low .. Go down low .. Papa go down low

Go down low .. Go down low .. Mama go down low

[Verse 1]


Girl you and me, aren’t you setting it off
Whatever you give I’m taking it all
How can I stop when you’re leading me on
Bring that booty back (bring it)
Your booty be twerking and you gat me dancing
I think we gat a party
You gat me started with bottles of champagne let us fly girl
Hold me slowly (haha)
Kyekiganye baby
Woli wendi (I’m right here baby) Go down low

(Chorus X2)

[Verse 2]


Stop it papa
Don’t you be judging me I gat the money
And am so fly
Turning you on, leading you on
Baby am di baddest nakabinna nnina
Bwonyoma nsitukilawo namazina nnina
Baby can’t you see
Am the baddest gal around town
Physically fit, baby watch me go down low

(Chorus X2)

[Verse 3]


Olina amagulu, your legs (your legs..)
Situka wagulu, lets dance (dance..)
Olina amagulu, your legs (your legs..)
Situka wagulu, lets dance (dance..)
And a 1, 2, 3, kamata


Nze newulira ekiwato the waist, the waist…
Situka wagulu lets dance
Situka nkulage
Mbwe newulira ekiwato the waist, ma waist…
Situka wagulu
Njagala nkulage dance

(Chorus X4)

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