Ghetto Lovin

Song Lyrics

Verse 1
Jimmy shoes, slim fit jeans
Flashy rides tebinkolela no
Byolina ebikwewanisa byapa kubanaga ebyo bigwao

Njagala mukwano gwa dala
Oyogela money nze nonya honey eeee
Me not about di duty love
Me want a man fi prove himself him real and special

Me na do ghetto luvin,
I don’t want ur money, your cars
Or saying that you own all that
Me na do ghetto luvin
Ebintu ebye kiyaaye, Bitwaale

Me na do ghetto luvin,
If you want me you don’t have to put on a show
Me na do ghetto luvin
Ghetto luvin, me na do ghetto luvin

(Ghetto luvin me na do ghetto luvin
Ghetto luvin me na do ghetto luvin)

Verse 2
You think you gat it,
No you ain't got it
Beemer Benz and Bentley mean nothing to my mama
Ebyamalala nokwelaga nzeebyo tembi zimba
I’m not tryna change u but that ain't love
Don’t you ever call this a relationship
Mr wanna marry me but yet you cheat
You gat di looks but not enough dedication
I wanna man that I can show out to the nation


And If you wanna call me yo lady
Cut the BS, better not waste my time
If wanted I would roll with the bad boys
Its not the money (money)
I don’t want it (want it)
All I want (want)
Is your luvin (luvin)
So cut dat ghetto (ghetto)
Luvin (luvin)
Cos baby…


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