Hide Away

Song Lyrics

Yeah! its T-H3nry! #RepresentinGodHere

I see the lights out bright like a star,like I forgot that I really had to follow you,this is the story of life that I can never tell,I really felt it when I messed up,I was told that you came around and found no one,am the guy you were supposed to meet that time,I no I can never turn the whole of time back now,I can't rewind it,I was supposed to be home waitin' for decisions but my impatience dragged me down into the world,I was told that your love is continuous everyday,it never fails,I can't believe am a distance away from you just coz I hid away and went so far away,I didn't get a chance of seein' it all I mixed up myself mixed up my characters,I really needn't get a better place by then.

I feel like walkin' my way,I don't wanna spend my time,can you take me back to the right place where I belong,I don't wanna step away I just wanna see you holdin' my hand,I don't wanna hide away,I don't wanna hide away

My whole world was broken down in a minute,I just had no time to complete the whole essay,I was down so I had to rise I had to persevere and get an access,I was promised a bright future when I calm down,but I cared less about the whole of that,here am back again coz I need transformation in everyway,am sorry for the time I spent in the night clubs I don't want to waste time for the rest of my life,they took over my life for over and over again,father am sorry I-I-I won't turn back, I wanna get myself to the battle camp of hope,I wanna feel the later glory in me,am not all that free but I wanna break free,I wanna walk my way followin' you everywhere,I don't wanna fall in love again with world desires,that's why I decided to put down these lines,coz I couldn't get over it all day,all night hours all time I wanna get back.


I can see the light even if am turned down coz I wanna have ur light shine out of me,I don't wanna spend my time out of ur place coz I can not do without you,give me ur attention,listen to my prayer,I don't wanna see you leavin' my hand,get my minds right yeah! hold my hands tighter,I just wanna see you takin' my hand sorry for destroyin' the hope that you had in me but I wanna rise up again.



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