Panda (Remix)

Song Lyrics

Father, Son AND Holy Ghost

We live that Panda life where I’m from
It’s black and white where I come from
No grays, even cow grass green
If you don’t know then ask someone
See my vocabulary come with headshots
For new comers that ain’t tell yet
It ain’t for the fear of death on bodas
That my listener’s headsets are helmets
Me and hell met, been to hell and back
Stare the devil in the face, when I laugh
Equatorial’s how the story go
If it’s heat, KLA is where it’s at
Satan came on vacation, seconds later he was vacating
It’s not a game here like PlayStation,
It’s way too many cats that pray stationed
Covered in the blood like them butchers
Country on our back while we’re doing push ups
Paint a real picture, no touch ups
Others couldn’t cut the mustard, now they’re playing ketchup
Kampala si bizimbe how the saying go
Off the chain bro, like d’jango
Soil so fertile, if you pick a leaf
You’re gonna probably leave, with the mango
Still don’t know who killed Captain Alex,
Still watching trying to find out that
So wakaliwood if I send shooters to your state
They’ll probably leave your whitehouse black
Oh my God! Jesus Christ!
New York city burnt to the ground!
We got head turners, when they walk by
Our women literally turn you around
See at this rate, the company gonna sue the whole country and tell it to stop
Coz how we popularised the Rolex, the food about to make more money than the watch
That’s UG, take your stuff, make it our own, welcome to Uganda
Take out white, add red and yellow to the black, that’s how we redo the panda, panda
Rays of gamma in my grammar
So country but ain’t from alabama
When I say the A I don’t mean Atlanta
Kill a beat for fun, Tony Montana
Celebrate the Red but ain’t talking Santa
They’re raising concerns while we’re raising the standard
Go on and tell every Khaled on the planet
That UG the best, yeah
Apana, apana, apana…

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