Omu ku omu

Song Lyrics

Intro (Young Mulo)

Another Hannz production, kaboom!

In this one, Young Mulo representing, Navio…

So me tell dem say, kaboom!

Chorus (Young Mulo)

Every day she wan whine, my girl, everyday she wan whine

Woyi! Every day she wan whine, my girl everyday she wan whine

Nze, omu ku omu nga bwetulya dance, omu ku omu nga bwetulya cash

Omu ku omu nga bwetulya dance, mikono wagulu mbagambye njagala dance

Verse 1 (Navio)

Name one who done it, a hundred metres I’m running

UG miss me, don’t worry baby I’m coming

NAVCORP you can learn a lot from him

We were jetting while all these haters were bummin’

Navio and bad man gadget, balling on a Afghan budget

Tuja bbabya African market, di gyal whine ’cause I grind like a savage


Verse 2 (Navio)

She got it, damn right she got it

I make money, all she wanna do is chop it

No need to see ID, I just cop it

I know she like me and then I’m off it

Drop it for the Lord, drop it for the squad

Drop it for the mob, drop it for the cause

Aint nobody taking my soil from me

We just two years away from that oil money


Verse 3 (Young Mulo)

Young Mulo, Navio, kati guno mubimba

Tetupapa kulimba, tuyimba bituzimba

We no care what di girl dem say, kaboom

We no care what de bways dem say

Anyway go tell all di media, we di baddest inna di area

Di gyal dem we love ya, so better get familiar

Omu ku omu ffe tetuli ba failure

Omu ku omu enzaana ze Ruparelia



You know they know, it’s Navio, Young Mulo and Hannz Records

Another Hannz production, it’s the cause, NAVCORP-aliation

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