I need You

Song Lyrics

I need you is a song based on relationship and it’s track #6 off Lanie Banks forth coming album

2chainz of emotion.


Yeah its yo Boy Lanie Banks I’m gonna be No 1

We heading to the top sing it baby, lets do this shit right here, lets go


I still need you more than ever (more than ever)

Yo the only one that makes me smile

I could wait around for you forever (forever)

Even though it’s gonna take a while

Cause I, Cause I, Cause I, Cause I, Cause I decided gal

Cause I, Cause I, Cause I, Cause I

I need to Yeah


I was dreamin en thinkin about ma gal

This morning when I woke up it was all a dream she was gone

When I thought about callin her, her cellphone

It was off No lie, I can’t tell why, she left me en ran off yeah

Two hours later I realized these haters been hatin on me,

Two hours later I realized these bitches been snitchin on me

Yeah I’m Lanie Banks I got this gal her name is Delilah but I keep on lovin her

I love this gal I wonna stay with her every day like niggers, every day

when they see me lookin good they just keep on talking shit

Yeah I’m Lanie Banks I got lots of Bitches , got lots of niggers

They in the hood , they wonna see me balling hard,

They see me I’m a superstar I’m a gangstar every day when they see me

They just can’t stop me , they wonna be like me everyday when they see

Me looking so hot bitch, they talk shit about me they just can’t stop me

Yeah I’m Lanie Banks , I got lots of Haters

But I just keep lovin ma gal Nigger



Alone again I’m sinkin never risin cause every night

Without you by ma side I reminisce n everyday without you by ma side I fantasize

I get ill, I get sick en so weak you should be aware

When you not their baby gal, I just get a bad day

I’m callin for you love baby you should say something

I’m callin for yo love u shouldn’t say nothing

24­7 I love you I wonna stay around with you

Baby gal, I wonna take u home marry u en be with u baby gal

I wonna take u down to mummy, I wonna take u down to Daddy

Every day when am with u gal, I really feel good I want u to stay




Ha! Ha! Ha!

It’s yo boy Lanie Banks

With ma homie Dj Mercy I need you babygal

I wonna stay with you forever

We gon burn it down forever Lanie Banks

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