Hands In The Stadium

Song Lyrics

CODE - Hands In The Stadium 2.O (H.I.T.S)


Proverbs 18:17
"The First to Speak in Court sounds Right Until Cross Examination Begins..."

Go !

Just Getting Warmed Up, Owayeeeee
Singing The Streets, Owayeeeee
Killing Dope Beats, Owayeeeee Owayeeeee Owayeeeee

Phenomenal Rapper
Pay Homage and After
Pen Half of a Chapter
Of Why YOU Never a Factor
Venomous laughter
Breaking of Character
Not that It Matters
No Labels be backing us
Hits I be racking up
None on Your Catalogue
No, Am Not Backing Off
Know I Can Murder Y'all
Sam Disappointed
Put So Many Hours
In Amateur Music
And None That He's Proud of
You Wanted to Battle Me
When All You Do Is
Crave Another Cosign, That's What You Do
Little Bit of Nav, Little Bit of Rruu
Wanna win so Bad, Spit Lies in the Booth
But Am a Man of the People, Giving 'Em Truth
Tell 'Em How You wanted to Sell Me Your Mixtape
Struggling Artist on An Akamwesi Gate
Hiding in a Restaurant When the Girls came Down
When I asked "Am Going to Get Change"
Tell 'Em What You Do on Friday Nights
Tweet Joe, Salmar, Mckenzie right
Twitter Rapper looking for an After Life
Hashtag - "DJ saved My Life"
You Could Never Get the Game This Lit
You was Never Ready for the Flames I Spit
Every Performance The Boy Legit
You an After Thought at Every Show You did
And Benny tryna get involved, Talking That Shit
He Your Boyfriend now, You a Couple and Shit
Don't Speak for a Nigga like You on His D
Same Dude still rapping on downloaded beats
Same Dude still doing covers up on IG
Same Dude, Now Promoting an EP
Don't ask for a Verse, That Ain't Free
Tryna be the Frazier to My Ali
Finna Knock You Down, won't Enter The Ring
Both Quote My Songs, Like You Can't Think,
Creativity's Gone, down the Sink ?
Where the Bars At, Son ? Had a lot to Drink
Down the Liver,
I deliver,
a Style Thicker
Mordern Day Hitler
Sound Clearer
Wanna Be Camp Mulla
Peasant to the New Ruler
Nothing that You can do, bruh
Feminine Boss Chicks like Huddah
I Stay With The Hunger
Straight from Buddha
Lyrical Degenerates
Spitting for the Internet
When I Dangled my Crown They all came running like a Bunch of Little Idiots
Try Run My Town like Jenny, Ain't Having It
Test Me, Evaporate Your Favourite
Besties, Femcees, Bow Down, Your Knees
Get Deez
Get Deez
Under 25, Man
You Can Do Better
Send a Bad TV Picture
And His Dark Coloured Sister
When This is All Over
Man Niggas won't Miss Ya
R.I.P to the Ugly Duckling of Talent Africa
You wanna Shadow Box with the Holy Ghost
Learn Lessons on Respect, Better Take Notes
In the Ring with The Count of Monte Fisto
And That's Apollo Creed, If U Ain't Know
So Next Time, Don't Come Around with That Foolishness
Do Your Own Collabos, Try and Keep My Name Out of It
Snatch Your Core Fans like that Compton kid
Three Fingers In The Sky, And You Know They'll be Singing like...

Just Getting Warmed Up, Owayeeeee
Singing The Streets, Owayeeeee
Killing Dope Beats, Owayeeeee Owayeeeee Owayeeeee

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