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Hands In The Stadium

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Hands In The Stadium Lyrics

CODE - Hands In The Stadium 2.O (H.I.T.S)Intro:Proverbs 18:17 "The First to Speak in Court sounds Right Until Cross Examination Begins..."Go !Hook(x2):Just Getting Warmed Up, OwayeeeeeSinging The Streets, OwayeeeeeKilling Dope Beats, Owayeeeee Owayeeeee OwayeeeeeVerse:Phenomenal RapperPay Homage and AfterPen Half of a ChapterOf Why YOU Never a FactorVenomous laughterBreaking of CharacterNot that It MattersNo Labels be backing usHits I be racking upNone on Your CatalogueNo, Am Not Backing OffKnow I Can Murder Y'allSam DisappointedPut So Many HoursIn Amateur MusicAnd None That He's Proud ofWooohYou Wanted to Battle MeWooohWhen All You Do IsCrave Another Cosign, That's What You DoLittle Bit of Nav, Little Bit of RruuWanna win so Bad, Spit Lies in the BoothBut Am a Man of the People, Giving 'Em TruthTell 'Em How You wanted to Sell Me Your MixtapeStruggling Artist on An Akamwesi GateHiding in a Restaurant When the Girls came DownWhen I asked "Am Going to Get Change"Tell 'Em What You Do on Friday NightsTweet Joe, Salmar, Mckenzie rightTwitter Rapper looking for an After LifeHashtag - "DJ saved My Life"You Could Never Get the Game This LitYou was Never Ready for the Flames I SpitEvery Performance The Boy LegitYou an After Thought at Every Show You didAnd Benny tryna get involved, Talking That ShitHe Your Boyfriend now, You a Couple and Shit-Don't Speak for a Nigga like You on His DSame Dude still rapping on downloaded beatsSame Dude still doing covers up on IGSame Dude, Now Promoting an EPDon't ask for a Verse, That Ain't FreeTryna be the Frazier to My AliFinna Knock You Down, won't Enter The RingBoth Quote My Songs, Like You Can't Think,Creativity's Gone, down the Sink ?Where the Bars At, Son ? Had a lot to DrinkDown the Liver,I deliver,a Style ThickerMordern Day HitlerSound ClearerWanna Be Camp MullaPeasant to the New RulerNothing that You can do, bruhFeminine Boss Chicks like HuddahI Stay With The HungerStraight from BuddhaLyrical DegeneratesSpitting for the InternetWhen I Dangled my Crown They all came running like a Bunch of Little IdiotsTry Run My Town like Jenny, Ain't Having ItTest Me, Evaporate Your FavouriteBesties, Femcees, Bow Down, Your KneesGet DeezGet DeezNUTSUnder 25, ManYou Can Do BetterSend a Bad TV PictureAnd His Dark Coloured SisterWhen This is All OverMan Niggas won't Miss YaR.I.P to the Ugly Duckling of Talent AfricaYou wanna Shadow Box with the Holy GhostLearn Lessons on Respect, Better Take NotesIn the Ring with The Count of Monte FistoAnd That's Apollo Creed, If U Ain't KnowSo Next Time, Don't Come Around with That FoolishnessDo Your Own Collabos, Try and Keep My Name Out of ItSnatch Your Core Fans like that Compton kidThree Fingers In The Sky, And You Know They'll be Singing like...Hook(x2):Just Getting Warmed Up, OwayeeeeeSinging The Streets, OwayeeeeeKilling Dope Beats, Owayeeeee Owayeeeee Owayeeeee

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