Hip Hop

Song Lyrics

Straight up like an arrow T-jay probably i just came through
Struggle more than hustle you could probably call me Castro
Rhymin' off the top i never stop i keep my flows deep
if ya'll ever need me at the top is where to find me
all eyes on me, like 2 Pac in the booth
im a 90s kid, i kno the game coz i rule
every bar that i spit, i punchline wit a hook
my life a hiphop book, my story tell in the booth
im the truth no lie, sophistication is my motive
always tryna change the image of the man i see in the mirror
t-jay got no table manners when it comes to eatin' rappers
Coz im youngin' n im thuggin', freestylin' gon' be my kill switch
nobody sweatin' my swag,snapbacks n chuck taylors on
flat fitty caps new era dawg we swaggin' on
goin' through the block head bumpin' blunt blowin' though
my life like a movie haters keep watchin' on


started as a day hobby got the juice a high roller
i be burnin' every bridge like my name was Chris Bridges
HipHop be the lane these lames never crossin'
only clan i really knew i grew up on the wu tang
make me stay up every nite just to hum on every rhyme
seated back laid back having thoughts racin' back

Timid n' squeamish you aint no action so listen
look i be hangin' by the block, wit em jewels that glisten
sparkle n startle you gettin' mucked in a battle
its only me n my niggas for real i know is the illest
we body em dodgers who tryna challenge the mighty
we send a couple o shots n tell em hiphop we reppin'

Howwe Hot 100 Howwe Hot 100

The Official Ugandan Music Countdown: Weekly and Daily Music Chart

1 LD: 1
Sango Eddy Kenzo & Martha Mukisa
2 LD: 7
Sukari (DJ Profit Bass Mix)
Sukari (DJ Profit Bass Mix) Zuchu
3 LD: 5
Bwoti Daddy Andre ft. Fik Fameica
4 LD: 4
Nalonda Nemala
Nalonda Nemala Pallaso
5 LD: 8
Ready Spice Diana Ft Fik Fameica
6 LD: 6
Onkosa Mudra
7 LD: 2
Lov Lov
Lov Lov Fik Fameica
8 LD: 10
Ndiwuwo Ava Peace & Pallaso
9 LD: 3
Kiss You
Kiss You B2C Ent
10 LD: 18
Corridor Kapa Cat

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